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The Menorcans are a very rare breed of Iberian horses from the island of Menorca off the coast of Spain. They share many qualities of other Iberian breeds with gaits that are smooth and can easily be sat.  They have amazing temperaments- sensitive yet sensible.  It has been said that they have the mind of a good foundation Quarter Horse with the movement of an exceptional warmblood.

The breed developed from numerous groups that invaded the island for many centuries. They trace back to Arabians, Berber breeds, and Central European breeds. Menorcans are known for being jet black! A  small amount of white markings are acceptable; however, true black is the predominant color. As an endangered breed (less than 4,000) we are hoping to increase the awareness of the breed by offering Ganador and Zar to breed to approved mares in the US that are not Menorcans.  They have successfully been crossed with warmbloods and Friesians in Europe and have thrown beautiful foals.

PR Menorcan USA Association, a not for profit, began in 2020 locating horses that were Piro free and importing them in 2021 with Zar and Ganador being the first two to arrive.  The current Menorcan herd in the US is; two stallions, four mares and one gelding.

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