Meet ZAR


is one of two Menorcan Stallions
in the United States

Meet ZAR

Tall, dark and handsome, Zar Menorqui is a 2009, 17.1 hand black stallion. He was a proven stallion in Menorca with 7 colts, 1 filly and throws his height, fluid movements and athleticism to his offspring. In 2022, his son Lotus, won first place at the Menorcan breed championships for his movements.

Zar comes from a long line of competitive dressage horses. While in Menorca, he competed in Menorcan dressage shows with excellent marks and was listed as a recommended stallion two years in a row. He also participated in traditional Menorcan festivals where he would demonstrate the “bot” which is when they rear and walk on their back legs.

Here in the US, Zar is proving to be a well rounded, athletic horse that is excited to try new things. He has competed in recognized and schooling dressage shows, working equitation shows, gave a demonstration at the 2021 Equine Affaire in Massachusetts, participates in group trail rides at Hitchcock Woods and loves a quiet hack around the farm. We are excited to see how he crosses with high quality mares here in America.

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